Courtney {High School Senior} ~ Part 1

I met up with Courtney tonight at her Parent’s farm and her Grandma’s farm. I have had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful girl on several occasions and it is hard to believe she is graduating from high school already. We started the session at her Mom & Dad’s farm and then she put on her GORGEOUS Grad dress and we headed over to her Grandparent’s farmyard. I won’t be showing you any of those images until after graduation. For now I’ll share with you a few sneak peeks from our casual portion of the session. Congratulations on your High School Graduation Courtney ~ I wish you nothing but the best. Thanks for trusting me with these memories at this special time in your life.

Image_0259Image_0252Image_0232Image_0218Image_0212Image_0201Image_0186Image_0148Image_0127Image_0117Image_0108Image_0089Image_0070Image_0045Image 5Image 4

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