{10 on 10} ~ June Edition

Well not only is this my busiest month photography related, it is also my busiest month as a Mom to three boys. Yes, hockey is over and that was a gong show winter, but at least I wasn’t doing any sessions all winter so I had time to simply run with my boys and work at my husband’s office. For parents of school-aged kids, June is crazy! And I mean C.R.A.Z.Y. There are tons of field trips, track meets and year end activities that you have to be organized for and then there is extra-curricular sports. Two out of three of my boys are playing ball this year which means three nights a week at a ball diamond and then Saturdays at tournaments. Top that with my crazy schedule of grad/high school senior sessions and weddings and it makes for a very busy, crazy month. Have you noticed I have used the word ‘crazy’ three times in one paragraph? I knew {10 on 10} was coming up so I took my camera to my son’s baseball tournament in Morden with the intent of getting at least ten good pictures to showcase this month. I knew there simply would be no time for anything else.

So here’s my {10 on 10}, one of my three favourite boys in the whole world playing a sport he absolutely loves {and the good thing is, I love this sport too}.

Play ball!











Now please continue the blog circle by heading over to my friend Jana from Photography 2204 and check out her 10 on 10!

19 thoughts on “{10 on 10} ~ June Edition

  1. I just adore your processing – the pops of red and the greens are just perfect! You sound like you will need a vacation from summer vacation ❤

    • Thanks Jana! My vacation starts in October….oh wait, that’s when hockey starts. Nevermind. No vacation for this Mom! 😉 But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  2. we’re nearing the end of ball season….my kids love it….so i think i have many more years of this ahead of me. though….my kids’ teams don’t look nearly as put together as this team??? great shots! your family is so sporty!

    • Thanks Maria! I never dreamed I’d have these sporty boys but I do and I love every second of it! Well, maybe not the 7:00 a.m. hockey practices, but I love all the rest. Thank you!

    • Thanks! On the way to Dylan’s ball game he says “you know why I love you are a photographer Mom? Because you take the best action shots ever”. I was happy he appreciated it! Thanks Sonja!

    • Thanks Lisa! It certainly flies by. Thank God for pictures as I’d never remember it all. It’s just a blur!

  3. I think that this collection will be one for the books for years to come. It screams childhood, and the way you captured it makes me think of it as having a modern NormanRockwell kind of style. Love the light and colours, too, and that shot of the boys behind the fence.

    • Thank you so much Elisa! I am so happy I decided to lug along my camera on this day. The years are flying by at warp speed and I am doing my best to capture them as much as I can.

  4. I really think this collection will be one that will last for years to come. The subject screams childhood, and has a nostalgic modern Norman Rockwell style. I really, really love that image of the boys behind the fence. And the colours and light are gorgeous, too.

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