10 on 10 {July Edition}

Another edition of {10 on 10} is upon us. Summer is finally here in Manitoba. I packed up the boys a couple weeks ago and headed to St. Ambroise Beach for a lovely summer evening. We are so lucky that this beach is a mere twenty minutes from our home. It was a hot summer day and I couldn’t believe we had the beach entirely to ourselves. I am not sure how St. Ambroise Beach is doing since the flood waters have swept across Manitoba, but I’m crossing my fingers that there are many more summer days and evenings to be spent here this year. To all of you affected by the Manitoba Flood, you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

Have a lovely Summer everyone.











Now please head on over to the talented Jana from Photography 2204 to see her July edition ~ http://www.photography2204.com/10-on-10-canadian-edition-july/

7 thoughts on “10 on 10 {July Edition}

  1. jodi….these are gorgeous shots. i have to admit, i don’t associate a beach like this with manitoba…you’ve expanded my horizons 🙂

  2. Feels (and looks) like summer!! Love these much. I realized last week how close this beach was to me as well, must check out sometime 😉

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