First Day of School, Yet Again.

The day came and went, and this time it seemed to be a lot easier. Maybe it’s that they didn’t go back until the 9th so everyone was ready, or maybe because I’m finally getting a grip and getting used to the fact that my kids are actually going to grow up. Last year seemed harder, Dan was off to high school, and Jack still seemed so little. But this past year everyone seemed to grow up more than usual, even me. For the first time in ten years of sending my kids off to school I actually didn’t cry, I think I shocked my husband and kids! I demonstrated the “ugly Oprah” cry for the first five years as it was five years of “first days” and big moments. Grades 4, 7 and 10 didn’t seem as overwhelming as Kindergarten, Grade 2 and Grade 5. Regardless of how it went, it happened. They all woke up, packed their lunches and headed off to school. And just like that, another school year begins.

Good luck boys. Make me proud. Here’s a couple shots of the our first day of school 2015. The older they get, the less cooperative they become but I will photograph their first day until they graduate from high school ~ that’s one rule they have to adhere to.







Time to Pick up the Camera Again…

There was a time when every time my kid played I lugged along my camera. But somewhere along the way I stopped photographing them as much. Oh sure, I take instagram photos at every, single game….but I was increasingly leaving my “big camera” at home more and more often. I am not sure why. Maybe it was the odd judgemental look from other hockey parents wondering why I’d be standing off in the corner photographing a simple house league hockey game. Or maybe it was the odd eye roll I’d get from one of my boys and worried they were embarrassed of their old Mom in the stands with her giant 70-200 mm lens pointing at them. I’m not sure why I stopped taking it, but sadly, I did. I believe I’ve had it at one of Dylan’s games and maybe two of Jack’s this year and when I was looking through my photos to make photo books of their hockey year I realized all I had was low quality instagram images. That simply is not enough, at least, not enough for me.

You see I didn’t get into the photography industry to simply capture memories for others. I did it so I could capture memories for myself. I love pictures. I love covering my walls with images of my life, more importantly, images of my kids. I have been lucky enough to actually make money in this business, which has allowed me the opportunity to have beautiful equipment in which I can luckily capture my life in pictures. I think somewhere along the way I started to care about what others thought of my incessant need to capture so many images. I started to care about the judgement of others when I pulled out the giant Nikon at a hockey game. I realize caring about that is not nearly as important as capturing memories for me. So if you see me at a game in the near future, chances are I will be off in a corner taking pictures of my kid playing, or quite possibly lying on the floor capturing a shot of their skates as they wait to play. And I will make no apologies for it because this is what I do. And these are the images I love to capture.

Happy Monday Everyone.







10 on 10 {August Edition}

Oh I know, another beach session for 10 on 10, but these are truly images I love to shoot. This project is for me, and to take pictures each month of something I love. Well I love my boys and I love the water. I had intended on posting images from our trip to the Dells, but today we took an impromptu trip to the beach. It was 2:20 p.m., I was cleaning the house, doing laundry and sorting through work files when all of a sudden I realized I was wasting a perfectly beautiful summer day inside. The boys and I quickly packed up the car and by 2:45 p.m. we were at one of our favourite places – the beach. I had thrown my camera in my bag, but only had my 50 mm lens on my camera body so I couldn’t zoom into them as they were playing far out in the lake. I decided to wade in anyways, with my camera perched on my head. Oh yes, a tad foolish with thousands of dollars worth of gear, but you know what, I bought this gear to photograph my life so I threw caution to the wind. So glad I did, because I love all of these images. Yes they’re wrestling, no they’re not looking at my camera, but this is them, and this is our life. I am not interested in capturing posed shots that don’t really tell our story, and trust me, they likely wouldn’t let me if I tried. 😉

So here you go, my August Edition of {10 on 10} at the beach…again.

Don’t forget to click on the link below these pictures to continue with this month’s {10 on 10} blog circle!











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The Batman Chronicles

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”
~ Albert Einstein

I am not sure where this came from, but Jack has gone a bit Batman crazy this Summer. Today he was outside running around the yard in this costume (ummmm, well it’s not really a costume – it’s black long underwear, a Batman t-shirt and a home-made cape, but hey – it works!) and I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of him. My other boys used to live in costumes like this, but those days are long gone for them and all I have left of those two zipping through the yard as Spiderman and Superman are my pictures and my memories. (and truly, if I didn’t have those pictures, I’m not sure I’d have the memories) I know the time is also fleeting with Jack, I fear we won’t see Batman or Spiderman in the yard next Summer, or maybe we will. I can only hope that the innocence lasts at least a couple more years. When we were driving to town the other day I looked in my mirror and there he was, sitting in the back of the van with his Batman mask on. He just smiled at me and said “Mom, I don’t care what people think of me. I’m Batman”. Oh if only we could freeze time and keep them little where all they really had to worry about was whether or not they could get their cape to fly up in the air. But time marches on, and I’m grateful I will have these pictures to look back on and remember.

Here he is….Batman.




{10 on 10} ~ June Edition

Well not only is this my busiest month photography related, it is also my busiest month as a Mom to three boys. Yes, hockey is over and that was a gong show winter, but at least I wasn’t doing any sessions all winter so I had time to simply run with my boys and work at my husband’s office. For parents of school-aged kids, June is crazy! And I mean C.R.A.Z.Y. There are tons of field trips, track meets and year end activities that you have to be organized for and then there is extra-curricular sports. Two out of three of my boys are playing ball this year which means three nights a week at a ball diamond and then Saturdays at tournaments. Top that with my crazy schedule of grad/high school senior sessions and weddings and it makes for a very busy, crazy month. Have you noticed I have used the word ‘crazy’ three times in one paragraph? I knew {10 on 10} was coming up so I took my camera to my son’s baseball tournament in Morden with the intent of getting at least ten good pictures to showcase this month. I knew there simply would be no time for anything else.

So here’s my {10 on 10}, one of my three favourite boys in the whole world playing a sport he absolutely loves {and the good thing is, I love this sport too}.

Play ball!











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More Everyday Life…

Well it seems that Spring has finally arrived in Manitoba and now our “everyday life” seems to be centering around another sport – baseball. Even though it hasn’t been super warm out, we’ve still been enjoying bonfires with friends and taking some time to just enjoy being outdoors. My busy season starts in June with weddings and grad sessions so I am making the most of my time off with my kids on weekends and it has been great to actually do “nothing”.

Here are a few more of my everyday life shots from my project. I have been more inspired lately to actually pick up my camera and shoot more now that Mother Nature has finally settled down and allowed Spring to arrive.

b Image_0032 Image_0037 Image_0046 Baseball_0044 Baseball_0053 Baseball_0064 Baseball_0069 Baseball_0071 Baseball_0084 Baseball_0085 Lowe_0006 Lowe_0013 Lowe_0016 Lowe_0028 Lowe_0044 Lowe_0045 Lowe_0049 Lowe_0057 May_0008 Miller_0032 Miller_0050 Miller_0051 Miller_0065 Image_0050 Image_0057

10 on 10 {May Edition}

Well I left this month’s {10 on 10} to the last minute! The images I chose were actually from Friday night. My middle son had one of his best friends over and we decided to have a bonfire since it was such a beautiful night out {finally!}  I can’t tell you how nice it is to actually sit outside and not need a toque, it’s been a long winter.  But I must admit, those long Canadian winters sure do make you appreciate Spring.

You’ll notice some talented new photographers in our group this month so it may take you a little longer to go through the blog circle, but trust me, it will be worth it. You’ll find the link to the next blog at the bottom of this page.

Cheers everyone ~ have a fabulous weekend!









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Everyday Life {February, March & April}

Not going to lie, I got a bit lax with my everyday life project through the months of February, March & April. If we weren’t at a rink we were stuck indoors in -40 temperatures so I wasn’t overly inspired to shoot! But I did manage to pull out the camera more than most people I am sure, but I’m still wanting to capture more of the everyday. The weather is finally improving and we are getting more of those beautiful “golden hour” evenings so I am hoping to continue and shoot more now that hockey is over and the weather is warming up. These images are in no particular order, just shots from our everyday life over the last couple months. It’s been a long, cold winter in Manitoba, but we’ve still managed to make some great memories and have quite a bit of fun.

Happy Monday!

Hockey Prov_0419 Hockey Prov_0435   Penny_0025 Penny_0035 Dog_0003 Image_0002  Image_0043 Image_0038 Hockey_0020 Image_0029 Web Dylan Compare Image_0020 loom_0008 loom_0036 Image_0023 Image_0033 Image_0043 Image_0083 Image_0092 Reading_0106  Reading_0146 Life in Loud Image Reading_0042 Dylan_0041 Sharks_0114 Tulip_00201a

Spring Break_0129

Spring Break_0130

Spring Break_0142


Spring Break_0047

Happy Birthday Jackson!

I have a hard time writing the words “Jackson is eight years old today“. I still feel like I should be the Mom of “little boys”, but that is not the case anymore. They are all growing so fast and I can’t seem to do anything about it. And yes, I’m super grateful that they are healthy, happy, well rounded kids who are thriving in life…but I still sometimes long for those days when they were so little and they thought I was the centre of their universe. As the older two grew, I always had Jackie, who was small and cute and thought I was the greatest person on the planet. But now he’s getting older, he’s starting to roll his eyes when I give him a hug or a kiss in public. He no longer runs into my arms when he sees me walk into the room. He’s growing up.

Eight. It seems so old, so big, so non-babyish! And I know I have to face the fact that they won’t stay little forever, but just once I would love to go back in time to the days when my oldest was eight, and the other two were five and two. I wouldn’t clean my house, I wouldn’t stress about bedtimes, I wouldn’t worry about so much. I would just enjoy them being “little” again. So if you still have “little ones” and are reading this. Stop cleaning your house. Stop worrying about bedtimes. Stop wishing they would not make a mess and sleep through the night. Just enjoy it. Enjoy every second of it because in a blink of an eye, your baby will be eight. You will be home alone while they are at school wishing they were here, that the house was a mess and that it wasn’t so quiet. Oh yes, it is a pity party day for me, but each of my children’s birthdays are met with mixed emotions for me. I’m happy for them….because they love their “birth-days”, but in my little world, it is just one more reminder that they are growing up much too fast. I will get over my pity party in about one hour when I pick up a bunch of seven and eight year old little boys and host Jack’s birthday party (and yes, I’m certain I’ll be wishing for peace and quiet in a few hours). But for now, I will sit here, cry a little, blog a little and just remember back to the days when they were “little”. Happy Birthday Jackson. You are so loved.

There could not be a more perfect quote for this picture, and for how I feel about how fast my boys are growing up. Have a wonderful day everyone. I promise to be back with a “happier” blog once the party is over! 😉

Image 1