Play Ball!

For years I have been photographing my kid’s sporting moments and quietly creating inspirational photos for my friends and family. I have been told for years to “sell my prints” but I really didn’t know how or where to market them. And quite honestly, I wasn’t sure anyone would want to buy them. One day I posted a sample of the greeting cards I had made on my FB page, and all of a sudden had several people interested in purchasing them. I only made these greeting cards as I always found it difficult to find an appropriate card for my son’s coaches and friends. Anytime I wanted to purchase a thank you card for their hockey or ball coaches, they always had a bouquet of flowers or a cartoon of some sort, never appropriate for a coach. That’s where this all started. From there I started making prints that I would give to their coaches as a thank you, or prints for their friends for their birthday. After much encouragement I decided to throw caution to the wind and set up an Etsy store at the start of the new year. I have been so pleased with the interest and kind words from people literally all over North America. I have sent orders to places as far as North Carolina, New York, Wisconsin, etc. These are places I would never have been able to market to without the global reach of Etsy. It’s been so fun running this little store. Will I get rich on it? Likely not, but I do find joy in sharing these images with others who share my love of capturing the moments and being inspired by a quote.

I recently convinced my son to let me photograph him one evening so I could create some more baseball images to use in my store. He happily obliged. I have finally figured out how to get my kids to cooperate for pictures – you let them carry a ball glove and incorporate their favourite sport into the picture! 😉 Of course the first picture of this group is not for sale, it’s for me, but the following are all in my Etsy store and the link to my store can be found here:

I would like to thank everyone who has shown an interest in my work, who have encouraged me to take this leap and put my work “out there” to be seen. I’ve been truly touched by the kindness of strangers and the encouragement of friends and family.

Winter is over, so Play ball!


Baseball 1 Web

Baseball Inspire 3 web

Baseball Inspire 4 web

Baseball Inspire 5 Web

Baseball Inspire 6

Baseball inspire 8

Baseball Inspire 9

Baseball Inspire 10

Baseball Inspire 11

Baseball Inspire 12

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Baseball Inspire 15

Baseball Inspire 16

Baseball Inspire 17


Christmas Eve on the Pond

Once again we spent Christmas Eve at my brother’s place playing hockey on his pond. This has become a tradition with my family and I love nothing more than to see my kids, their cousins, Uncle and Grandpa out playing hockey together. It really doesn’t get much more Canadian than this. Thank you to my brother Lance for going to all the trouble to set up this rink every year. It’s definitely going to be one of those great memories our kids never forget. And I also love that they all can go out and play this game with my Dad, it’s pretty cool to look out and see them having so much fun with their Grandpa.

PS – Dad, I think you need new skates. I seriously think you wore those skates back when you played with the Grandview Comets! 😉

Here are a few images I snapped on Christmas Eve. And as you can see from the last couple images, they played right through until nighttime.
















{10 on 10} ~ June Edition

Well not only is this my busiest month photography related, it is also my busiest month as a Mom to three boys. Yes, hockey is over and that was a gong show winter, but at least I wasn’t doing any sessions all winter so I had time to simply run with my boys and work at my husband’s office. For parents of school-aged kids, June is crazy! And I mean C.R.A.Z.Y. There are tons of field trips, track meets and year end activities that you have to be organized for and then there is extra-curricular sports. Two out of three of my boys are playing ball this year which means three nights a week at a ball diamond and then Saturdays at tournaments. Top that with my crazy schedule of grad/high school senior sessions and weddings and it makes for a very busy, crazy month. Have you noticed I have used the word ‘crazy’ three times in one paragraph? I knew {10 on 10} was coming up so I took my camera to my son’s baseball tournament in Morden with the intent of getting at least ten good pictures to showcase this month. I knew there simply would be no time for anything else.

So here’s my {10 on 10}, one of my three favourite boys in the whole world playing a sport he absolutely loves {and the good thing is, I love this sport too}.

Play ball!











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{10 on 10} March ~ Hockey Life

Well seeing as hockey pretty much takes up 85% of our lives in the winter I thought I better feature some hockey images for this month’s 10 on 10. I chose to pick pictures from each of my son’s last tournaments from this past month. With three boys in hockey we found this winter to be insanely busy. We averaged at least six games a weekend, but sometimes with tournaments we would go into a weekend knowing we had to get to 14 different hockey games. Yes, it is crazy but I honestly wouldn’t change it for the world. I complain about how busy it is, but by the end of the season I actually find myself disappointed that it is almost over. Minor Hockey has gotten a bad rap the last few years with “crazy hockey parents”, violence on the ice and poor sportsmanship. And it is there, I’ve witnessed some of it first hand, but that really is a small part of the game. For the most part it is a great sport and it has been a wonderful sport for my boys to be involved in. They have met great friends, been coached by some wonderful people and have learned some real important life lessons. They’ve been involved in exciting wins, and also in heartbreaking losses and have learned the value of teamwork. When I tell people I have three boys in hockey they sometimes look at me like I’m crazy. But honestly, for all the running up and down highways, all the frozen toes in the stands of the rink, all the rink burgers and early mornings, it has been worth it. I wouldn’t trade the experiences my kids have been given through this Canadian pastime for anything. This is OUR game. And I’m proud that my kids are a part of it.

Jackson’s images are of his Novice Wind-up from this weekend where he played goalie. I don’t know why, but he wants desperately to be a goalie. I keep trying to convince him not to, purely out of selfish reasons because I honestly don’t think my nerves could handle it. He did great this weekend, they won their first game, but unfortunately lost their second. I happened to wake up with the flu so I missed the first game which I’m now regretting as it would have been a much better game to photograph. Jack was quite upset by the third period as they were scoring left, right and centre and he was so discouraged {note to parents with cowbells – please figure out when it’s appropriate to keep using those darned things!} I secretly thought “this may kill the dream of being a goalie”….but nope, he came off, looked at me and said “I still want to play goalie Mom”. Darn it! 😉




Dylan’s images are of his AA Atom team winning Bronze at Provincials in Swan River. They came up against some stiff competition and the boys on this team played with all their hearts all weekend long. I was very proud of my kiddo and how he played.

Hockey Prov_0007

Hockey Prov_0099

Hockey Prov_0136

Danny’s images are of his Bantam Provincials in Winnipegosis, where they came back from a two goal deficit in the Gold Medal Game to tie and take the game into Overtime. We lost a heartbreaker with only minutes left in overtime. Having been to both provincials I can honestly say it is a lot easier to “win” bronze than “win” silver. This very well may be Danny’s last year in Minor Hockey as it doesn’t look like there will be enough players to field a team next year in Oakville. I couldn’t resist snapping a quick picture of him and I on the morning of his gold medal game. I’ve spent nine years getting him from one rink to another and I am truly sad to see this time in his life come to an end.


Oakville Seals - Medal


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The Good Ol’ Hockey Game

Well now that hockey is underway you will be seeing much less from Memories by Me Photography. I currently have two engagement sessions and a six month session booked for this winter and that is all I will be doing photography related. I have settled into working part time at my husband’s financial firm and I am enjoying that. It’s nice to have my weekends off to run with the kids. And if you’re a hockey mom you will know the huge weekend commitment of hockey. I will continue to post the odd personal post, but for the remainder of the winter, Memories by Me Photography will be taking a break.  I am looking very forward to the Spring and all my weddings and senior sessions that I have booked from May through until October.

Here are a few images I’ve already captured of the start of this year’s hockey season.  Happy Winter everyone!












A Sure Sign Spring is Finally Here {Baseball!}

After what seemed to be the winter that would never end, Spring is finally here! And a sure sign that it is here to stay is watching my son’s ball game last evening. He’s played soccer for the past few years but this year decided to go back to baseball (hallelujah!!!!). We have one more weekend of hockey and then the Spring will be filled with baseball, swimming lessons and golf! Life with boys…


Minnesota Meltdown

We loaded up the kids and headed to Minnesota over the weekend. Dylan was playing on the Manitoba Capitals AAA team in the Minnesota Meltdown. We had a great time. The kids played great and we came home with a record of two wins, two losses. We were up against some incredible teams and our small roster of kids did awesome! I was so proud of each and every one of them. They played with all their heart and had some excellent coaches guiding them along the way. Well done Manitoba Caps! And of course, I took my camera along to capture some of the action. Here are some of my favourites.

Minnesota Meltdown

Oakville Seals Atom {End of the Season}


Well our kids finished off their 2012/2013 Oakville Seals Atom Season on a high note. They took home the Lions Fellowship Trophy at the 23rd Annual Lions Tournament in Portage la Prairie yesterday. It was a very close game, and could have easily gone either way.

It’s been a great year, with great kids and great parents. I’m sad to see it end. As busy as it is having your kids involved in minor hockey, it is worth every single second of early mornings, busy weekends and nailbiter games. I can’t imagine my life without my kids in hockey.

Well done Oakville Seals. You made us all very proud!